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The Premium Beard Kit you need

Check out this deluxe package from GOBOST™ for the perfect beard or mustache. Our pack is designed to meet all your daily grooming and trimming needs. If you want to maintain your beard with care and keep your beard clean and stylish for a long time, this kit will be your best ally.

A choice of natural materials

Our GOBOST™ beard oil contains mineral oil, fruit oil and cucumber oil. With these oils we have carefully blended several natural essential oils from plants: Jojoba, Beeswax, Almond, Avocado. These nourishing oils make the beards soft.

Our natural, fragrance-free beard and mustache cream is ideal for keeping your beard or mustache hair from getting "messy". The 60g cream also helps to alleviate any itching of the skin caused by the growth of mustaches.

A high quality cut

Designed with stainless steel made in Japan, sharpening, grooming, trimming and shaping your beard becomes very simple and precise with our special beard finishing chisel. The handmade beard brush and wooden comb help distribute oil, improve texture, styling, smoothing and conditioning of even the toughest hairs.

Contents of the Beard Care Pack
  • GOBOST™ Natural Oil 30ml
  • Natural cream 60g
  • Beard scissors (Japanese stainless steel)
  • Wooden comb special beard
  • Wooden brush for beard
  • Storage bag